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The Future of Search: Discovery Engines

December 22nd, 2006 · 2 Comments

It all started with Amazon and its now famous recommendation engine: “Customers who bought items in your shopping cart also bought…”. It was so intelligent marketing strategy. But most importantly, customers loved it!

Many other web sites have followed, for example:

  • customized online radio station (“your personal DJ”) helps you discover music songs and artists that suit your music preferences.
  • a web site that helps you discover movies that fit your interests and personality type (based on personality test)

According to Jeffrey M. O’Brien (Fortune, November 27, 2006) discovery or recommendation engines are “sprouting on the web like mushrooms after hard rain” and “the web is leaving the days of search and entering an era of discovery”. So it seems that the next Google is not going to be search engine at all! The main rationale for discovery engines is that we actually don’t always know what EXACTLY we are looking for. So, discovery engines are more like a friend who is recommending you a new book, rather than a bookstore clerk who is helping you find certain book on the shelf.

Discovery engines are coming. Are search engines like Google going to disappear? Probably not. They are more likely to upgrade their algorithms to be able to provide various “discovery” tools for different needs.

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  • 1 Matt // Apr 5, 2007 at 6:33 am

    Eh! Gazpacho! said…

    I believe this to be true as well, Thats why Google is swallowig up companies like blogger and you tube. I recently read in wired magazine that My Space has more daily users than Google Search. Imagine the type of discovery power that Myspace would have if they implemented advanced search criteria, you would literally be able to find just about any smart business or person, with the built in advantages of social-networking.

    Secondly, Pandora is a company that streams music but what they are really doing is measuring the click throughs to see whats hot and whats not. They then sell this information to Record companies as a tool that forcast sales possibilities for particular genera’s.

    Finally the world of blogging is the biggeset discovery engine to currently exist. Time Magazine’s person of the year is YOU, the internet user that creates user generated content and publishes it to the web. This is the key for the information age, and will take the information into the future of web 2.0.
    4:06 PM

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