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Where is the Puck Going?

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December 5th, 2008 · Add Comment

Our society has drastically changed over time. First we used to have
the Agricultural age, followed by the Industrial age. Today,we live in
the Information age. What is next?

In first two societies the strong emphasis was placed on material
resources, such as food and land (Agricultural age), and later
machines, oil and raw materials (Industrial age). For the first time
during the information age the intangible assets (information,
knowledge, software) started to play the key role for prosperity of both
individuals and nations.

What is the next key resource? According to many, it is actually our creative power, our brain! It is our limitless ability to generate new IDEAS, imagine and create new opportunities, conceive new products or services, invent new business models. Note that we are all equipped with this idea generation ability: it is given to us and it is FREE to use. For the first time in our history, we are approaching the age of UNLIMITED resources. Internet has just accelerated this trend.

Many companies have got it. They have successfully entered this new
age, Idea Age, age of unlimited resources. They have offered
FREE (Google), FREE e-mail (Hotmail), FREE or unlimited
Internet access (AOL), FREE ways to connect with friends (Facebook, ICQ, Skype), FREE video entertainment (YouTube), FREE e-cards (Hallmark)…even
FREE cell phones based on purchased minutes of service (ATT/
Rogers)…”FREE Strategy” will soon be required part of any
marketing plan.

New economy. Call it FREENOMICS if you will…but get ready to offer
something for free before your competitor does!

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