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Ten Things About Telling Stories I learned from Seth Godin

September 24th, 2014 · Add Comment

We live in the age of word of mouth and viral marketing. Word of mouth is the most powerful instrument of marketing according to Seth Godin. In his books “All Marketers are Liars” and “Ideavirus”, Seth Godin outlines the principles of successful word of mouth marketing and story telling. I have tried to recap those facts and principles for you in only ten points:

1) No one buys facts, they buy a story

2) Either you are going to tell stories that spread, or you will become irrelevant.

3) Great stories match consumers’ worldview ; each person has a different worldview, i.e. set of beliefs and biases. Their worldview is the lens they use to determine whether or not they are going to believe a story.

4) Frames are elements of a story used to leverage the worldview a consumer already has. In other words, frame is a way you hang a story on to a consumer’s existing worldview.

5) You have to live the story. The story has to be true and authentic.

6) People only notice the new.

7) The best way to create a story is to tell that story to yourself

8) The best stories promise to fulfill the wishes of a consumer’s worldview. They may offer a shortcut, a miracle, money, social success, safety, ego, fun, pleasure, belonging notice the new.

9) Invent entirely new story that is framed around the worldview of an underserved community.

10) The only story that work and spread are the “I can’t believe that!” stories… your story must be remarkable (“a purple cow“).

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