Carrier Bryant 310371-752 Inducer Blower Motor

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Carrier Bryant 310371-752 Inducer Blower Motor Description

Carrier Bryant 310371-752 Inducer Blower Motor.Replaces: 310371-751, HC23UE121, 58SS305772701, P251-2916 HP: 1/30 (upgraded from 1/50) Motor Voltage: 115 volts. Motor RPM: 3300. Motor Amps: 1.4. Motor Shaft Size: 5/16′. Used In: 375A?? 036040 A???? 375A?? 036060 A???? 375A?? 048080 A???? 375A?? 048100 A???? 375A?? 060100 A???? 375A?? 060120 A???? 376A?? 036035 A???? 376A?? 036055 A???? 376A?? 048070 A???? 376A?? 048090 A???? 376A?? 060090 A???? 376A?? 060110 A???? 397HAW036040 A???? 397HAW036040 B???? 397HAW036040 C???? 397HAW036060 A???? 397HAW036060 B???? 397HAW036060 C???? 397HAW036080 A???? 397HAW036080 B???? 397HAW036080 C???? 397HAW036100 A???? 397HAW036100 B???? 397HAW036100 C???? 397HAW048080 A???? 397HAW048080 B???? 397HAW048080 C???? 397HAW048100 A???? 397HAW048100 B???? 397HAW048100 C???? 397HAW048120 A???? 397HAW048120 B???? 397HAW048120 C???? 397HAW060100 A???? 397HAW060100 B???? 397HAW060100 C???? 397HAW060120 A???? 397HAW060120 B???? 397HAW060120 C???? 397HAW060140 A???? 397HAW060140 B???? 397HAW060140 C???? 58DH 035???? 101BC 58DH 035???? 101CC 58DH 055???? 101CC 58DH 070???? 101CC 58DH 090???? 101CC 58DH 090???? 101DC 58DH 110???? 101CC 58SS 040???? 101CC 58SS 040???? 111CC 58SS 040???? 121CC 58SS 060???? 101CC 58SS 060???? 111CC 58SS 060???? 121BC 58SS 080???? 101BC 58SS 080???? 101CC 58SS 080???? 111BC 58SS 080???? 111CC 58SS 080???? 121BC 58SS 080???? 121CC 58SS 100???? 101BC 58SS 100???? 101CC 58SS 100???? 101DC 58SS 100???? 111BC 58SS 100???? 111CC 58SS 100???? 111DC 58SS 100???? 121BC 58SS 100???? 121CC 58SS 100???? 121DC 58SS 120???? 101BC 58SS 120???? 101CC 58SS 120???? 111BC 58SS 120???? 111CC 58SS 120???? 121BC 58SS 120???? 121CC 58SS 140???? 101BC 58SS 140???? 111BC 58SS 140???? 121BC

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